​Take your home or office security to the next level: Alpha Plus from Chubbsafes is a range of safes providing a higher level of burglary protection.

You store cash, jewellery, valuables and sensitive documents in your home or small office. As a result, you want a safe that can deter burglars but a lighter solution is simply not robust enough for your needs.  Alpha Plus from Chubbsafes offers a higher level of burglary protection than the lighter Alpha range. This versatile safe features sturdy construction and is easy to install.

  • Easy to install for a quick use
  • Cost-efficient storage solution for home and small office
  • Double-steel-wall construction for an extra layer of protection: 6mm-tick steel door, 3mm-thick steel outer body frame, 2mm-thick steel inner body frame, mineral wool filling, 25mm diameter steel locking bolts
  • Anchoring kit included to prevent unauthorised removal
  • 2 user-friendly lock options available: doublebitted key lock, programmable electronic lock
  • Optional multiple shelves
  • Choice of 6 sizes ranging from 3 to 60 litres
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Spécificités Produit

  • Valeur à protéger Espèces, Documents
  • Type de résistance Cambriolage
  • Dimensions Petit, Medium
  • Serrure Serrure Electronique, Serrure à clé
  • Type de certification Non Certifié
  • Aménagement intérieur Tablette
  • Resistance Feu 30


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